The philosopher and scientist Gaston Bachelard has
once said, “space stores compressed time.”
We perceive this as an atmosphere. How to speak
Rooms reach us through our senses and tell us their story.

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“Postneubau”, a traditional meeting place.

Originally, the Gasthof Lamm, a post office of my great-great-grandfather Kaspar Natter, built in 1850 in the traditional style, stood here at Brugg 36. This is where mail was distributed, guests were accommodated and entertained and, of course, horses were changed.

Around the turn of the century, the great upheavals of the age of industrialization reached the Bregenzerwald. From 1902, the Wälderbähnle connected the Bregenzerwald with the world, providing impetus for industry, commerce and tourism. It was a time of new beginnings. With the construction of the pass roads by Italian craftsmen and
master builders created new buildings made of stone.

In 1907, after the Hotel Post was built, my great-grandfather Franz Josef Natter commissioned the construction of the “Dependance Post”. A stone house that is still popularly known today as the “Postneubau”. Unusually high for its surroundings, with stucco-decorated ceilings and an impressive, light-flooded staircase.

Since 1908, various users have resided here over the years, including the Bezau post office, a doctor’s surgery, law firms, a milk and cheese store, a hairdresser and a tiny soap and household goods store.

In the 1970s, Leopold Kaufmann redesigned the mezzanine floor as my great-aunt Herma’s traffic store. Due to further changes in use, the side entrance was moved to the rear in the 1980s.

We have been opening the doors to the top floor since 2015. Our guests appreciate the ambience, our generous space and privacy.

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Individuality, preserving the traditional and combining it with the new, that was important to me.

Family stories and found objects from various sources accompanied me during the redesign of the two apartments.

All historical elements have been carefully restored. The characterful, warm wood tone of the doors and paneling forms the basis for the interior design. The old paint was removed from painted surfaces, greasy surfaces were leached and matted. A strictly limited, high-contrast color palette makes the dark wood shine.


Minimalist built-in furniture becomes part of the room, enhancing clarity and tranquillity.

The clear floor plans, combined with the modern, handcrafted finishes, create an almost loft-like effect. The contrast between the historical elements and the mirrored surfaces and contemporary design is attractive.

Light plays a central role in the room. The numerous windows with wonderful views over the village to the mountains offer plenty of daylight and a sophisticated lighting design allows you to control the atmosphere – depending on the mood.

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Art & culture enrich our lives. We want to share this.

Art almost always came to us through personal encounters with artists. Our small library on the topics of design, architecture and travel is waiting to be discovered.

The photographs of my great-grandfather and grandfather Oskar Natter, which have been transformed from a tiny print into a large format, are also artistic.

We are happy to share our tips for exploring culture in the Bregenzerwald and day trips.


Good cooking requires knowledge, all kinds of cooking utensils and table culture.

My grandmother Irma was an excellent cook who spoiled her many grandchildren with her culinary skills. Their good food was always accompanied by a beautifully laid table.

Our kitchens are equipped with everything you need for this: High-quality pots, sharp knives, bone china porcelain, fine glasses and designer cutlery.

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